Clif Bar: A Fun Sustainable Business Report


ClifBar_SustainableReport_2013I recently had the opportunity to visit the #1 energy bar company, Clif Bar in Emeryville, California. Leading up to this visit, I had marveled at the story of Gary Erickson, who founded this company on a bike ride and in a garage twenty years ago, and has since launched a winery, tasting room and family farm with co-owner and wife, Kit Crawford. Having now visited both Velo Vino and Clif Bar, I could not be more amazed by this family and their contributions to organic agriculture, the people they work with and the way they have built their business to feature sustainable practices and responsibility. Clif Bar’s 2013 All Aspirations annual report is really fun to look at- yes, fun design, great photos and collage effects, and something you might like to save and go back to again and again.

As if I wasn’t impressed enough already, I learned they have their own cafe inside their headquarters that serves an organic soup and salad for about $6. which is partially subsidized so it costs less to employees.

They have their own gym and encourage employees to get fit, a Cool Commute program and are an LEED-certified workplace.  They even offer a program through Terracycle for individuals or schools to send back wrappers from Clif products to turn them into a park bench or a bag.


Clif Bar is always looking for new ways to help people and not make new problems for the world.  Bravo.