Wind Turbine at McEvoy Ranch Turns 5 years this June

McEvoy Ranch Wind Turbine in Marin County, California

McEvoy Ranch Wind Turbine in Marin County, California

As the Wind Turbine Turns…

McEvoy Ranch‘s wind turbine will celebrate its 5th year of operation this June 2014.  According to the McEvoy Ranch website, the private wind mill in the hills of West Marin supplies one half of all the power required for the ranch.  McEvoy Ranch is one of the many stunning Marin Farm landscapes at this time of year, with all the shades of green amongst the rolling hillsides.  Learn more about their efforts in sustainable business practices and farming on their website, or take a tour or workshop followed by lunch.  Their gift shop and tasting experiences are really unique and a great day trip with relatives or out-of-town foodie guests.  Go!

Helping People Make Better Choices: Reflections on Earth Day 2014


Tuesday April 22, 2014

MockOrangeWhen I was a pre-teen, just about the age my sons are now, I used to get very upset about all the bad in the world.  I would practically be immobilized with worry about many things that didn’t seem possible to fix.  I remember my Mom telling me, “Don’t worry, Colleen, there will always be people working to find a way to do the right thing.  People will prevail in the long run.  Just do the best you can to do good, and you will see”.

Today, on Earth Day, I started the day off by telling my sons to do good in this world.  It had nothing to do with Earth Day, but more of a scolding of my littlest one, who is just plain hard right now.  I even mentioned Star Wars to him, and how important it was to choose to be on the good guys team and not the dark side.  Funny what pops into our heads when we are in a teaching moment with our kids.

So, on this day, my message for all is to make good choices.  Do the best you can, but don’t give in to the dark side of bad foods, pesticides, practices that do nothing positive for our planet.  Try to make better choices in your daily habits, and you will not only feel good about who you are, but you will see the difference over time.

My sons father, who never cared about organic foods, or gardening, recently purchased all organic starts for his garden.  He also buys as much organic produce as he can, and has stopped purchasing refined junk food products that are not healthy by my standards.  I guess the nagging from me finally got to him.  However, I hope it is really more than the nagging that did this.  I hope that when people make better choices, they feel better about themselves and actually have a sense of pride and hope that their small part will play a role in keeping the bees alive, the water clean, and their children healthier.

Make the right choices for now, the bees, for our kids, our communities and the future.  Don’t give in to thinking there is nothing we can do.  It is not nonsense.  Your small actions are hopeful, and they will inspire others to change.  (Photos: (1) A mock orange tree in our yard that has thrived organically for 12 years and blooms every April.  (2) (3) Mums from last Fall that are just about to bloom for the second time on the front porch, because I chose not to pull them out, and waited to see if they would come back…  With much love, and carefully collected rain water, they did!)


6th Grade Biodiversity Basics at SF Zoo


A Red Ruffed Lemur, pictured here, Sunbathing. One of five species from Madagascar that you can see in SF Zoo’s Lemur Forest

Education Center at the San Francisco Zoo 2014

Education Center at the San Francisco Zoo 2014

As part of 6th Grade Life Science Content Standards for California Public Schools, students may visit the SF Zoo day program which involves a zoo tour, and an indoor education animal Show and Tell with QA. The program includes conservation education, discussion of extinction, what can be done and what is being done to assist the populations to continue and thrive.

Green & Local: “EO Products”

Fresh and natural scented hand-soap and products for the entire family.

image I discovered EO Products several years ago in Marin County because so many local restaurants used their lavender hand soap in the restrooms that I started to take notice. EO Products is headquartered in San Rafael, California. An entrepreneur couple started the company 18 years ago and it has grown well enough to now inhabit the former ILM Sound Stage buildings in the Kerner Blvd. area of town. See Northbay Business Journal Article here for more info… EO Products have been working towards Zero Waste and sustainable business practices since their inception.

Part of their Zero Waste commitment includes The EO Exchange shop on Throckmorton in downtown Mill Valley, CA where you can refill your empty soap bottles at a discount price. I have been saving mine up and look forward to the refills I will save on tomorrow. They are open Tuesdays until 6pm. Visit for more info.

Refill us!!!

Refill us!!!

Did you wear your GREEN for St.Patrick’s Day?


Did you wear your GREEN for St.Patrick's Day?

Wouldn’t we all be charmed with the luck of the Irish if we could remember to do a small green act on St. Patty’s Day in addition to wearing green or drinking green beer?

I’d love to hear about your green actions that happen in the Spring, as we begin gardening, Spring cleaning, saving rain water from Winter showers. Linking this green holiday up with our desire to green our habits could really be fun and keep us going right through to Earth Day in April.

Think about it. Have you done anything green this month?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!